Fitness & Bodybuilding


Fitness is a sport related active way of living. It describes each and any motion that improves the organism’s overall condition and its functional capabilities.

Bodybuilding concentrates on muscle mass gains and cutting by means of systematic weight exercise.

The one thing you should know about weight lifting is that it is the only physical activity that quickly and effectively builds your muscles and transforms your body.

Nowadays anabolic steroid consumption is very widely spread as means to getting quickly in the desired bodily shape. If you would like to take up steroids to achieve your fitness goals, please turn to somebody else, as I do not tolerate steroid use.

Placing anabolic steroids and simple supplements such as protein, creatine, amino etc. under a common denominator by people with no knowledge of food supplements is very common. Steroids have many forms. Generally speaking, they are strong chemically synthesized metabolism activators with unpredictable side-effects. They have nothing in common with natural supplements such as protein, aminos, creatine, glutamine, vitamins, etc. which are part of our daily meals. Natural supplements such as these can be found in natural foods such as cheese and eggs and it makes no difference if you take them pulverized as those supplements are extracts of those very same natural foods.

What I can guarantee to the beginner is a quick muscle mass gain during the first few months without the use of any supplements at all. I will also take care of working out the best system for the following period when the body usually gets adjusted to the initial weight load and slows down the muscle gaining process – this is absolutely normal as it is a result of the organism’s ability to adjust.

For those of you who wish to lose weight, things are a bit more complicated and depend on a multitude of factors, but I can guarantee you an effect in this endeavour too, if you strictly and persistently follow the instructions I give you.

For the rest of you, who’d simply like to have a more active way of life, I offer adequate sports partnering in most sports games there are, without age limitations.

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