About me

About me

Name:                 Max ''Dr. Feelgood''

Mobile:               +44 7 500 861 454


-  Private practice as a personal trainer and massage therapeutist from 2001 till now in Bulgaria, Austria, Malta, Germany, Spain, South Korea, UK and USA.


Main activities:

-          Personal training plan creation;

-          Personal training at the gym;

-          Diet plan creation;

-          Professional training consulting;

-          Massage.


Higher education with a Bachelor’s degree from the Bulgarian National Sports Academy ''Vasil Levski'' in speciality: “Fitness and Bodybuilding.”

Spoken languages: Bulgarian, German, English, Russian, Spanish, Serbian

* I have an official translation of the certificate for my degree with Apostille to prove my speciality and also skills as a life-guard and professional massage therapeutist.




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