It is worth mentioning that massage is the only way to train your body without having to be physically active. This is why I offer it to those of you who do not wish to get active in sports.

One often ends up with a masseur who would simply ‘stroke’ your muscles in order to quickly get done with it and save their energy for the next client to secure the masseur's daily income if there are a lot bookings for a day.

What I offer is quality over quantity, because the energy I invest in massage does not allow me to schedule more than three sessions daily. After that, my working day as a masseur is over because I cannot continue with the same intensity.

It is good to know that real massage has a lasting effect and it requires a carefully measured force that can be rarely mastered by a female masseur where the size of the masseur’s palm is of importance since massage is all about treating the most tissue at a time.

Massage improves circulation and metabolism and alleviates all stress. You would still be able to be active afterwards regardless of your overall stress level before the massage. Your recovery will also be much quicker after a massage.

If you got a massage at least twice weekly, your metabolism rate will increase so that you would be more adaptive to all kind of stress and the results of all your activities will be considerably better.



The massage I do is a combination of consecutive techniques that are almost ideally measured in time and intensity so that all of your body is equally treated with an accent on the health, tonus or relaxation of your body, depending on your needs.

I use a combination of methods with long lasting effects, allowing all tissues to be treated equally and adequately. I have made a selection of all the techniques I have used during my 10 years of practice that have been proven as the most efficient system of movements, allowing for a better effect compared to the usual types of massage you can get for an hour.


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